Hi, I'm George

It's good to "meet" you! For now, my story is short and sweet. I started my career as a business administration apprentice where I discovered my passion for marketing, and so from here, I progressed onto a digital marketing apprenticeship. Both of these apprenticeships were the greatest decisions of my life as I learned so much. 

While developing my skills as a digital marketing apprentice I had the opportunity to edit some basic videos. This was a life-changing moment for me. As a kid, I always wanted to edit videos but I thought it was an unrealistic career path and didn't really consider it whatever. Fast forward to my apprenticeship where I found a realistic, practical way to begin developing my video editing skills - I felt genuine bliss.

Now, having honed my skills in editing, and content strategy as well as having grown a catalog of videos I've produced, I feel ready to venture into freelance video marketing. So if you're looking for someone passionate about making the best video content possible, constantly striving to improve, and ready to jump into the world of video editing - you're in the right place.

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